1915 Kelpie sailboat by The St. Lawrence Engine

the Kelpie, a sailboat with an original 1000 Islands-made engine over a century old

Kelpie is the classic 30-foot sailboat. This boat powered by the world famous St. Lawrence Engine built at Brockville in 1915. It is located at the first floor of Aquatarium, Brockville, Ontario.


The one and only St. Lawrence Engine Co. Limited was founded in 1905 by Henry Walter Going. The company manufactured two cycle engines, which were very popular because they had few moving parts compared to four cycle engines. By the mid-1940s these dependable engines were being shipped all over the world. A large number of St. Lawrence Engines have been lovingly restored and are still used to power small boats today.


You can try our 40 foot quick jump called the AquaDrop at the Aquatarium. You may get a special view of the boat as you jump from the top of the Ropes Course on the AquaDrop.