Differences between Dark, Milk and White chocolate

A Short History Of Chocolate

A long time ago, chocolate was used for money and medicine, but it is better known as a tasty treat. For many years chocolate cost a lot and was only drunk. New ways of making chocolate cost less and made it possible to eat. These new ways also made it possible to make shapes with chocolate.


Chocolate Grows on Trees

Chocolate comes from pods that grow on the cacao tree. Inside the pod is a sweet juice and bitter seeds. The seeds are known as cocoa beans. After being picked the beans are fermented and dried. Next the beans are roasted and ground. The beans are then pressed to remove the cocoa butter. What is left is a liquid, called chocolate liquor.

Differences between Dark chocolate, Milk chocolate and White chocolate

All three types have cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin and vanilla. Dark chocolate also has chocolate liquor. Dry milk solids added to dark chocolate makes milk chocolate. White chocolates is milk chocolate with extra cocoa butter and no chocolate liquor. Cocoa butter makes the chocolate soft enough to mould into different shapes. Other ingredients can be added to chocolate to change its flavour.